Jessup T254 Wine Red
Jessup T254 Wine Red
Jessup T254 Wine Red

Jessup T254 Wine Red


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Includes 10pcs Makeup Brushes

The Handle type is : Wood       Hair type is : Synthetic hair

1.Domed Powder brush :

 Brushes length about : 18.5cm     Tip length about: 5.0cm     Tip width about: 3.5cm

 Use chiseled side for contouring of facial planes and the pointed tip for applying and blending powder blush, highlighter or face powder 


2. Blusher brush :

 Brushes length about: 16.5cm     Tip length about: 3.0cm  Tip width about: 3.3cm

 Apply at the apple of the cheek and work back towards the hairline in circular motions  


 3.Buffing brush :

 Brushes length about:16.5cm     Tip length about: 2.8cm  Tip width about 2.5cm

 Use this brush to blend foundation into the skin for a seamless complexion.   


 4.Angled contour brush :

 Brushes length about:15.2cm     Tip length about: 1.8cm  Tip width about 2.2cm

 Can be used with contour stick or matte cream bronzer under the cheekbone to define the shape of the face.   


5. Foundation brush :

 Brushes length about:16.7cm     Tip length about: 3.1cm  Tip width about 2.3cm

 Build coverage where needed or stay as sheer as you like.   


6.Large eye shadow brush :

Brushes length about:15.1cm     Tip length about: 1.8cm  Tip width about 1.5cm

 Ideal for finishing the eye by blending all shadow together so there are no harsh lines


7. Crease brush :

Brushes length about:14.8cm     Tip length about: 1.8cm  Tip width about 0.8cm

 Using a deeper shade in the crease with create the illusion of depth.


8.Pointed concealer /Lip brush :

Brushes length about:14.6cm     Tip length about: 1.0cm  Tip width about 0.7cm

 Dip brush in cream product and apply where needed.


9.Bent Eyeliner brush :

Brushes length about:13.8cm     Tip length about: 0.8cm  Tip width about 0.1cm

 A fine-tipped synthetic fibre brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke with which to line the eyes. Use with liquid or cream products


10.Lash &brow groomer :

Brushes length about:18.0cm     Tip length about: 4.5cm  Tip width about 3.0cm

 Use for brow and eyelashes