Riki Tall
Riki Tall

Riki Tall


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Why It’s a Must Have?

Meet RIKI Tall.

She’s everything you adore about our RIKI SKINNY and a whole lot more!

In addition to being a modelesque 16 inches taller and 11 inches wider, RIKI TALL comes with super-powerful daylight LEDs which makes her the lightest, brightest, full-sized lighted vanity mirror on the market.

Also, like her little sister RIKI SKINNY, RIKI TALL comes with our ultra-versatile five stage dimming function to perfect your look for every lighting situation - with just the touch of a finger. Add to that a remote controlled Bluetooth selfie function for that perfectly lit wide shot and a rear mounted USB charging port, and you’re ready for anything with RIKI TALL.

RIKI TALL - your best friend just got bigger and brighter!