The Makeup Light Key Light Kit:Pro Kit

The Makeup Light Key Light Kit:Pro Kit


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Why It’s a Must Have?

The Key Light is a dimmable daylight-balanced light source that can be used as an unimposing light alone, or as an accessory to larger light sources -even the sun.

Bright, small, and with extremely versatile mounting options. The Key Light can be positioned without getting in the way of your work. Paired with the clamp mount, suction-cup mount, or light stand (all included in this package), there are nearly limitless ways to put the Key Light into action. This is a complete kit that will be ready to go right out of the bag.

The Key Light Kit Pro-package includes:
  • One Key Light
  • Power cord & dimmer switch
  • adjustable “Goose neck”
  • Three-section stand (heights: min.21″ max.7')
  • Clamp mount
  • Suction-cup mount
  • Carry bag (“onyx)

* Photo courtesy of the Makeup Light website with permission