21-Piece Suesh Pro Advance Makeup Brush Set

21-Piece Suesh Pro Advance Makeup Brush Set


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Why It’s a Must Have?

Perfect your makeup game with the 21-Piece Brush Set from Suesh! Features all the right brushes for contouring and highlighting, advanced eye makeup and essential brushes for daily looks. The brush handles come in a nice wood finish for that luxe effect. 

Hair: All Natural-goat,squirrel,pony and raccoon hair handle: Birch wood in glossy black

Brush length : 8.5” pouch size : 24 ”(w) x 9.5”(h)(open)

(L-R) Powder, powder (extra), angled blush, found, conc(s), XL e/s, L e/s, M e/s, S e/s, XS e/s, bullet, smudge, angled contour, contour shader, thin e/liner, e.liner, brow, fan, mascara, brow comb, lip